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Friday, October 06, 2006

Spark plugs cost how much?

Well, the truck's just 6 1/2 years old and its had its very first tune-up just yesterday. With 131,000 miles on the clock, the "Service Engine Soon" light flickered its pestering illumination for the very first time this week. I started to take the truck into Autozone, just to have them install their diagnostic machine and tell me what what was being reported as wrong but when I got there, right next door was a brand-new, shiny garage, called Honest-1 Auto Care. And I decided that since the place was convienient to the base, I would give them a try for my service work.

So I went in and met the owner, David Lloyd. He was friendly and seemed to know his business and I made an appointment- for yesterday. Seems the fuel filter, (the original) was causing a low fuel pressure fault that was identified and duly reported by the computer. My spark plugs, (also original) were beyond worn out according to David and so 10 shiny new platinum plugs were pressed into duty, retiring the old ones.

My truck was ready to go at the promised time and all the systems were working as promised. My wallet was lightened to the tune of $340 and I was on my way home in time for the BSU to get to her quilting class. I've found a shop that I can recommend for auto repairs and I'll go back there whenever the Ford needs attention.

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